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Vintage Knitting Skirt Hip-wrapped Straight Skirt Wool Knitting

Vintage Knitting Skirt Hip-wrapped Straight Skirt Wool Knitting

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Embrace Vintage Elegance with Hip-Wrapped Straight Skirt Wool Knitting

Product Information:

Pattern: Color

Fabric Name: Modified Polyacrylonitrile Fiber (Modified Acrylic Fiber) 72%, New Polyester Fiber 28%

Skirt Type: A-Line Skirt

Color Options: Apricot, Black

Elastic Force: Medium Elastic

Main Fabric Composition: Polyester (Polyester Fiber)

Size: M

Style Type: Temperament Commute

Skirt Length: Short Skirt

Skirt Category: Skirt

Popular Elements: Ice Cream Colors

Style: Commute Style

Process: Thread


Step into vintage elegance with the Vintage Knitting Skirt, a hip-wrapped straight skirt that combines style and comfort effortlessly. The color pattern, reminiscent of ice cream colors, adds a playful touch. Crafted from a blend of modified polyacrylonitrile fiber and new polyester fiber, this A-line skirt provides a medium elastic feel for a comfortable fit. With apricot and black color options, this short skirt embodies a temperament commute style, making it an ideal choice for various occasions.


Colorful Pattern: The color pattern adds a vintage and playful touch, creating a visually appealing aesthetic reminiscent of ice cream colors.

Modified Polyacrylonitrile Fiber Blend: Crafted from a blend of modified polyacrylonitrile fiber and new polyester fiber, this skirt offers a unique texture and comfort.

A-Line Skirt Design: The A-line skirt design provides a flattering silhouette, enhancing the overall elegance of the garment.

Medium Elasticity: With medium elasticity, this skirt ensures a comfortable fit and ease of movement, perfect for a day of commuting.

Versatile Color Options: Choose from apricot and black, allowing you to express your style and adapt the skirt to various occasions.

Temperament Commute Style: The temperament commute style adds a touch of sophistication, making this skirt suitable for both work and social outings.

Short Skirt Length: The short skirt length adds a modern and trendy element, making it perfect for both daytime and evening wear.

Style Tips:

Playful Elegance: Pair this vintage knitting skirt with a tucked-in blouse or a fitted top for a playful yet elegant ensemble.

Workday Chic: Combine the skirt with a tailored blazer and heels for a chic workday look that exudes professionalism and style.

Accessorize Creatively: Add creative accessories to enhance the vintage vibe, such as a statement belt or retro-inspired jewelry.

Embrace Vintage Charm with Contemporary Style:

The Vintage Knitting Skirt is not just a garment; it's a statement piece that blends vintage charm with contemporary style. With its colorful pattern, modified fiber blend, and temperament commute style, this skirt is perfect for expressing your unique fashion sense. Elevate your wardrobe effortlessly with the playful elegance of this hip-wrapped straight skirt.

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