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Female Winter Wear Heel Wrap Platform Type High Cotton-padded Shoes

Female Winter Wear Heel Wrap Platform Type High Cotton-padded Shoes

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Stay Warm and Stylish with Female Winter Wear Heel Wrap Platform Cotton-padded Shoes


Step into the winter season with confidence and style wearing our Female Winter Wear Heel Wrap Platform Cotton-padded Shoes. These shoes are designed to keep you warm while adding a touch of fashion to your winter wardrobe. With a solid color pattern and a comfortable heel wrap platform, these shoes are the perfect blend of functionality and style.

Key Features:

  1. Solid Color Pattern:The shoes feature a solid color pattern, providing a versatile and timeless look that can easily complement various winter outfits.
  2. Cotton Lining Material:Designed for winter wear, the shoes have a cotton lining that ensures warmth and comfort, keeping your feet cozy in cold weather.
  3. Variety of Colors:Choose from a range of stylish colors, including green, white, and black, allowing you to express your personal style.
  4. 3cm Heel Height:The 3cm heel height adds a subtle lift, providing a comfortable and stylish option for daily wear.
  5. Oval Heel Shape:The oval heel shape adds a modern touch to the shoes, enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal.
  6. Multiple Size Options:Available in multiple size options to ensure a perfect fit, catering to different foot sizes.
  7. Sewing Crafted Sole:The sewing-crafted sole ensures durability and a secure grip, making these shoes suitable for various winter activities.
  8. All-inclusive Style:With an all-inclusive design, these shoes offer full coverage for added warmth, making them ideal for colder weather.
  9. Thickening Thickness:The thickening thickness provides additional insulation, keeping your feet warm even in chilly conditions.
  10. Round Head Toe Holder:The round head toe holder shape offers ample space for your toes, ensuring comfort during extended wear.
  11. Plush Upper Material:The plush upper material enhances the overall softness and coziness of the shoes.
  12. Oversleeves Wearing Method:Designed for ease of wear, the oversleeves method allows you to slip these shoes on effortlessly.


  • Pattern: Solid Color
  • Lining Material: Cotton
  • Color Options: Green, White, Black
  • Heel Height: 3cm
  • Heel Shape: Oval
  • Size Options:36/37 (Suitable for 35-36 feet)38/39 (Suitable for 37-38 feet)40/41 (Suitable for 39-40 feet)42/43 (Suitable for 41-42 feet)44-45 (Suitable for 43-44 feet)
  • Sole Craft: Sewing Shoes
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Popular Elements: Sewing Thread
  • Style: All-inclusive
  • Thickness: Thickening
  • Toe Holder Shape: Round Head
  • Shoe Upper Material: Plush
  • Wearing Method: Oversleeves
  • Applicable Gender: Female

Step into Winter Elegance:

Embrace the winter season with grace and warmth by wearing our Female Winter Wear Heel Wrap Platform Cotton-padded Shoes. Whether you're running errands or enjoying a winter stroll, these shoes are your perfect companions for a stylish and cozy experience. Choose your favorite color and step into winter elegance.

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