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Beaded Woven Bracelet Heart-shaped

Beaded Woven Bracelet Heart-shaped

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Heartfelt Elegance: Beaded Woven Bracelet Heart-shaped

Indulge in the artistry of the Beaded Woven Bracelet Heart-shaped, a handcrafted masterpiece featuring natural stone turquoise crystal powder and zebra elements. Each bracelet is meticulously made, showcasing a heart-shaped design that embodies elegance and sentimentality.

Product Information:

  • Material: Natural Stone Turquoise Crystal Powder, Zebra
  • Processing Technology: Handmade
  • Style: Heart-shaped
  • Color Options:Pink Zebra BraceletBlack Frosted Stone BraceletPink Crystal BraceletVolcanic Stone BraceletWhite Turquoise BraceletTurquoise BraceletRed Turquoise BraceletAmazon Stone BraceletPurple Striped Agate BraceletBlack Line Red Pattern Bracelet8MM - Pink Crystal + Red Wood Grain8MM - Tiger Eye Stone


Adorn your wrist with the Beaded Woven Bracelet Heart-shaped, a symbol of love and artistry. Meticulously handmade, this bracelet captures the essence of elegance with its heart-shaped design and a fusion of natural elements.


  • Natural Stone Turquoise Crystal Powder, Zebra: The combination of these elements creates a unique texture, infusing the bracelet with natural beauty.

Processing Technology:

  • Handmade: Each bracelet is crafted with care and precision, making it a one-of-a-kind accessory.


  • Heart-shaped: The central motif of a heart shape adds a touch of sentimentality and romance to the design.

Color Options:

  • Pink Zebra Bracelet: Infuse a touch of femininity with a pink zebra pattern.
  • Black Frosted Stone Bracelet: Embrace a sophisticated and subdued look with black frosted stones.
  • Pink Crystal Bracelet: Add a pop of color and sparkle with a pink crystal design.
  • Volcanic Stone Bracelet: Channel the raw beauty of volcanic stones for a bold statement.
  • White Turquoise Bracelet: A classic and versatile option for everyday elegance.
  • Turquoise Bracelet: Symbolizing serenity, the turquoise bracelet adds a calming touch.
  • Red Turquoise Bracelet: Infuse passion and warmth with a red turquoise design.
  • Amazon Stone Bracelet: Connect with nature's beauty through an earthy Amazon stone.
  • Purple Striped Agate Bracelet: Add a vibrant touch with the rich hues of striped agate.
  • Black Line Red Pattern Bracelet: Showcase a bold and intricate pattern with black lines and red accents.
  • 8MM - Pink Crystal + Red Wood Grain: Combine the elegance of pink crystal with the warmth of red wood grain.
  • 8MM - Tiger Eye Stone: Embrace strength and confidence with the rich tones of tiger eye stone.

Whether worn individually or as a stack, the Beaded Woven Bracelet Heart-shaped is a versatile accessory that complements various styles. Express your personality and love for nature with this heartfelt and beautifully crafted bracelet.

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